Canara Farm’s range of produce over the winter months has been restricted to Baby Turnips and Rainbow Chard. The Rainbow Chard has unfortunately ended now, we are still getting some stunning looking Baby Turnips picked fresh a couple times a week.

Canara Farm Baby Turnips

These superb Canara Farm Baby Turnips were cropped and delivered this morning.


Growing in the Canara Farm Nursery.

We have previously mentioned our Canara Farm crop plans for 2016 and are pleased to see some promising early signs of these crops. In the nursery at the moment we have early shoots of

  • Chick Peas.
  • Mangetout.
  • Broad Beans.
Canara Farmchick peas, broad beans & mange tout

Chick peas, broad beans & mangetout starting to appear in the Canara Farm nursery.

The Chick Peas are a variety known as Principe. The flavour is described as sweet and nutty and are eaten “Edamame” style. Once harvested these fresh green pods will have one or two peas inside. We are hoping for another successful crop of the Shiraz Purple Mangetout. Over the past few seasons chef’s used these purple peas to add a dash of deep purple colour to salads and stir fries. We can’t wait to see this beautiful variety appearing on the plants as they mature. Growing alongside the Mangetout we have some Stereo Broad Beans. This variety is known for being a deliciously tender bean that can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Canara Farm updates.

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