Late November at Canara Farm.

The fields and tunnels look very different at Canara Farm this time of year. The rows of Organic Lizard Leaf are gone as the Heritage Tomatoes. While the fields are resting there are some exciting signs of growth inside of the tunnels.

We have had a very good crop of Baby Beetroots. These are readily available and have been since early November and are much cheaper than the imported varieties. If you have any dishes on your menu using Canara Farm Beetroot please send us a picture so we can share your passion for food with fellow chefs throughout Cornwall and Devon.

The tunnels have an abundance of large leaf spinach which is also available now.

Canara Farm Rainbow Carrots

The leafy tops of Canara Farm bunched Rainbow Carrots.

Beneath the leafy green tops we have bunches of rainbow carrots. For those chefs out there looking to add a touch of Cornish colour to their menu, our rainbow carrots should be available for the middle of December.

Canara Farm baby rainbow chard

First look at the Canara Farm Baby rainbow chard

The baby rainbow chard is starting to grow. These colourful stems are a couple of inches long and will be another colourful organic vegetable to add to Christmas menus. It is on schedule for first cut during the middle of December.

We are very close to the first harvest of two varieties of Baby Radish. The first of these being the Breakfast Radish. These are cylindrical in shape and longer than a traditional radish. Breakfast Radish have a very mild spicy flavour. The large edible leafy green tops make these a very popular product. The second radish variety is the round black radish. This heritage variety has a nutty, mild taste and a dense flesh.

As previously mentioned there is a small quantity of Kiwano growing in one of our tunnels. As the yield of these is going to be very low, we would not suggest adding them to your menu. We would be very interested in hearing from chefs who may wish to create an experimental dish.

Our experimental raised beds should start producing an assortment of speciality produce at various points during 2016. These will include Salad Blue Potatoes, Mara Des Bois Strawberries & Carcassonne Wight Garlic with scapes. To find out when these products are ready to be harvested sign up to our email newsletter or follow us on Twitter.