CanO Water

water with a purpose 

CanO Water is the new exciting range available from the essential food company and was created in response to the damaging impact that plastic bottles have on the environment.

CanO Water is known for supplying water in an aluminium can instead of the usual plastic or glass containers.  They have also created a unique can lid feature that allows you to reseal and reuse your can but does not compromise the recycling process.

The water inside the eco-friendly can is sourced from the Austrian Alps. Collected from springs, the water is first filtered through the foothills collecting minerals & electrolytes. 

Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year, some plastics can take as much as 400 years to break down while others never will. CanO Water, like some of our new products introduced to the essential range; share the same core values; to supply a great product that will impact your business without harming the environment.

The aluminium packaging offers a highly recyclable alternative and has the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market. When you recycle the CanO Water can it could be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks.

The Aluminium Solution


  • The lightest beverage containers to transport, reducing carbon footprint
  • Cans go from the recycling bin to store shelves within 60 days
  • Cans provide longer shelf life by protecting the contents from light & air
  • The average aluminium can is made from 68% recycled content, the highest of any drinks container
  • Approx 75% of all aluminium ever produced since 1888 is still in current use
  • The only package to cover its recycling costs helping to finance the collection of plastic & glass

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