Digital Highlights from the first half of 2016.

Digital Highlights from the first half of 2016.

We have now reached the halfway point in the year and have decided to take a look at some of the digital highlights of the year so far.

Digital Chefs.

Social/digital media feedback

We’ve had some fantastic Tweets from Chefs embracing social media.

2016 has seen a rise in the number of chefs featuring our produce in their tweets. We have seen some stunning dishes prepared & shared across our digital network. As can be seen from the picture we have supplied a wide range of chefs throughout the South West with an assortment of superb fresh produce. It is always rewarding to see how the produce we supply gets used and several chefs have shared some stunning finished dishes. As always our doors are always open and we’ve  taken many chefs round the depot and to Canara Farm to see our speciality Cornish produce being grown.

Trade Shows.

Twitter feed back from Trade Shows

Very positive feedback from all of the trade shows we attended at the beginning of the year.

As we do each year we start with several trade shows. We always put a great deal of energy and thought into our trade show displays and we have had some extremely positive feedback. With such an eye catching display we work very hard each year to improve it. At this year’s Expo West we teamed up with Ol’ Factory Coffee and Exploding Bakery and offered visitors to our display the chance to sample some freshly brewed coffee and a selection of delicious cakes & slices. Although we didn’t attend Royal Cornwall this year some of our display stand did, as our friends over at Trevaskis Farm asked to use it for their stand.

New Products.

collection of tweets

Follow us on Twitter to see the best produce as it arrives.

We like to use our social media accounts to keep our network of followers informed about the fantastic fresh produce as it arrives. We hope this daily update inspire people to use the very best of local and seasonal produce. Whether we are  introducing a new product through Plough to Plate or the Essential Food Company or have just received delivery of some fantastic local produce the best way to find out about this is through our Twitter account or by signing up to our weekly email.

Digital Catalogues.

Plough to Plate Brochures

The updated Plough to Plate brochure for 2016 & the mini-brochure featuring all new lines.

This year we launched digital versions of all of our catalogues, making it even easier to view our Plough to Plate and Essential Food Co range where ever you are. Our Plough to Plate range continues to evolve and grow providing access to some of the finest artisan products from Devon and Cornwall. This year the range had grown so much that we decided to add an extended range catalogue to highlight all of these exciting new products.

Digital Future.

As technology advances and the use of social media become more popular we will continue to keep on top of digital trends to enable us to reach our wide range of customers. We have just launched an Instagram account to share some images of the very best produce that we receive.


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