Flour Range

Our extensive range of flours from trusted brands at competitive prices. 

Shipton Mill

Shipton Mill have built a well-earned reputation among professional, artisan and home-bakers all over the country. They take pride in sourcing exceptional grains which provide unsurpassed texture and flavour. We stock the unusual, rare and speciality flour from this range.

Medium Rye is a traditional pale organic flour from which some of the bran has been sieved.

3 Malts & Sunflower is gently blended with sunflower, sesame, linseed and pumpkin seeds and the three malts make a delicious, well balanced brown bread flour.

Organic Light Malthouse is a delicious blend of malted grains and wheat flour carefully chosen to give texture, flavour and colour to the bread.

Organic Ciabatta is a lively flour with a coarser texture than typical white bread flours. it assists in the creation of the large air bubbles that develop during the fermentation.

Organic No.4 Strong White has a high protein content which gives the flour excellent baking qualities and provides a level of consistency.

T55 French Type is produced using only French varieties of wheat and is specifically used for an array of French breads.

Organic Cake and Pastry is made from English wheat which is rich in protein.

Organic Dark Malthouse is a blend of malted grains and wheat flour which gives texture, flavour and colour to bread.

Dark Rye is a wholemeal rye flour used to make dark rye breads and is commonly used to make tasty and healthful cereal.

00’ Pasta Flour has the whitest grade of flour used in production for some of the finest Italian breads and pasta.

100% Wholemeal Strong is the essential flour for maximum flavour and wellbeing, made from strong non-organic English wheat.

Canadian Fine Strong is great for breads which have a long fermentation process. The natural protein helps the dough remain in prime condition and extensible

Doves Farm

Doves Farm offer quality Gluten Free Plain and Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour from ingredients inspired by nature such as rice, potato, maize and buckwheat. This flour is created with the utmost care and never compromise on taste. They also offer a Wholemeal Spelt which contains gluten. Made with spelt grain, this flour has complex flavours and bakes a delicious loaf.


Heygates Co. are strong supporters of British agriculture and will always favour locally sourced wheat. The Malt Crunch flour is a blend of malted flours, wheat and salt on a strong flavoured base designed to give a superbly flavoured, nutty-textured.

HMC Wholemeal is also available. Heygates strongest flour containing 100% wholemeal with no additives. Ideal for producing high volume bread and puff pastry.

F.W.P Matthews

Mattews Co. are artisan flour millers who source as much wheat locally as possible. The Plain flour available is multi-purpose and made with the highest quality soft wheats with a fine consistency and is rich in flavour. Self-raising flour has the ideal ratio of flour to raising agent for producing perfectly light and springy cakes. Wholemeal is also available.


The Essential Food Co. puts the chef/caterer firmly in control of kitchen staples, consumables and cleaning products. Whether you need a sack of flour, a drum of oil or a catering box of washing powder, our huge stock ensures that you can get every one of those essential products every day. Call today to place an order or to find out more.

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