How It All Started

Having had a successful career as a fine food buyer, David Mason founded Global Harvest in 2009, and began producing the artisan products by hand from his own kitchen. Inspired by his fondness for Membrillo, a traditional Spanish paste used to accompany cheeses, David began sourcing the finest ingredients and developing his recipes to produce a more refined texture and intense flavour.


What is Membrillo?

Membrillo, or Dulce de Membrillo as it’s referred to in many South American countries, is a recipe of ancient origin and can be date back as early as the 4th century. The original recipe comprises of quince fruits stewed with honey for long periods of time. This preserves the fruit and sets the mixture.

In more modern times, Membrillo can be found in kitchens across a variety of cultures, in one form or another. The majority of recipes tend not to differ too far from the original preserving method. In Argentina and Uruguay, the paste is well-set and served with soft cheese to make a popular dessert. In the Philippines, a former Spanish colony, Membrilyo is made from guava rather than quince, and makes up part of the traditional Christmas Eve fare. Closer to home, in the French region of Provence, quince cheese or pate de coing is part of the thirteen desserts, also traditionally served to celebrate Christmas. Hungarians enjoy a quince cheese called Birsalmasajt, which is prepared with cloves, cinnamon and lemon zest, and often contains a peeled walnut set within the mixture.


Why Global Harvest?

The primary difference between Global Harvest products and their traditional counterparts lies in the cooking methods. The paste is filtered so the texture is smoother and contains no pith. This makes the final product slightly softer set.

Global Harvest has also extended the variety of fruits used to create a range of exciting new flavours. Sourcing only the finest quality ingredients, the company aims to use British produce where possible. Out of season they work with an Exeter based company who produce purees from seasonally available suppliers across the globe, giving the best possible flavour.


About The Products

The company has an array of awards to their name and their products consistently achieve Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards. Now popular with a number chefs and hotels across the UK, the versatile products can be used not only as a delicious addition to a cheeseboard, but paired with chicken and red meats to enhance flavours and make your dish stand out.

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