Introducing Good Earth Growers.

Sean O’Neill, Director of Good Earth Growers began developing his passion for growing 15 years ago in Cornwall. A small plot quickly evolved into a poly-tunnel full of delightfully interesting and delicious micro cress, flowers and herbs.

Sean’s desire to find exciting new tastes, flavours and colours for chefs led him to seek out other forward thinking growers who were able to provide the highest quality fresh produce and the formation of Good Earth Growers followed.

Good Earth Growers’ clients include some of the highest profile restaurants in the country including such renowned destinations as Heston’s Fat Duck, Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road, The Ledbury, Simon Rogan’s Fera, Ottolenghi’s Nopi and many many more.

Working closely with many chefs they help to develop new products for menus and cook books whilst keeping an eye firmly on the future. The Good Earth Growers  network works hard to provide consistent volumes of fine produce.

Good Earth Growers edible viola

Beautiful Viola from Good Earth Growers.

Good Earth Growers Cress & Flowers.

We are very excited to be offering a selection of beautiful edible flowers and interesting micro cress/leaves from Good Earth Growers which at the moment includes:
* Alaskan Nasturtium
* Baby Red Russian Kale
* Blue Nasturtium
* Mibuna
* Green Mizuna
* Green Pak Choi
* Coriander
* Fine Peashoots
* Green Komatstuna
* Red Dragon Mustard
* Pink Stemmed Radish
* Red Mizuna
* Red Pak Choi
* Red Radish Leaf
* Red Sorrel
* Tagete Leaf
* Wasabi Cress
* Amaranth

Grown at Keveral Farm and Narkurs Nursery, both near Looe these wonderful products are nurtured in a specially mixed organic compost and fed using an organic seaweed mix.

Good Earth Growers Micro Cress & Leaves

Selection of the fantastic micro cress & leaves available from Good Earth Growers

Good Earth Growers Salad Bags.

We are very excited to be offering the Good Earth Growers Salad bags. The bags are available in 100 gm and 500 gm they contain a stunning selection of baby leaves with peppery accents. Contained within the bag are a mixture of baby Russian Kale, Nasturtium, Mustard Leaves, Mustard Frills and more.

Fruit and Vegetables

This year GEG will be offering a selection of fresh and flavourful fruit and vegetables. From black currants to beets we will be able to bring amazing flavours and colours to chefs and it’s all grown in Cornwall. The range of baby veg is sure to inspire along with the freshly harvested quality of kales, leeks, heritage carrots and many other interesting and unusual lines.

We can’t wait to see how chefs throughout Cornwall and Devon use this inspiring range. So please tag us in your images on Twitter so we can share them with our followers.