The Great British Crisp Company is a relaunched and improved version of what was previously the Cornish Crisp Company. When Warren’s Bakery took over the Cornish Crisp Company they used their 150 years experience to redevelop and refine the flavours and offer a unique snacking experience. The Great British Crisp Company are combining hand cooked Cornish potatoes and a selection of traditional British flavours to create a “meal in one bite”.

To compliment the innovative new range of flavours the packaging was re-branded bringing a more contemporary look to the bags.

Warrens chairman, Mark Sullivan, said: “Through innovation and collaboration, we are taking the best of contemporary Cornwall out to the world, while creating jobs and opportunities here.”*

Plough to Plate are pleased to be the only Cornish wholesale distributor for the Great British Crisp Company.

Great British Crisp Company – A Range of Great British Flavours.

The Great British Crisp Company have taken classic British flavours as inspiration and developed the following range:

  • Pure Natural Unseasoned. Taste the true flavour of the coveted Cornish potatoes in their purest form with an unseasoned Great British Crisp.
  • Cornish Sea Salt™ Lightly Sprinkled. Cornish Sea Salt™ is hand-harvested from purest Atlantic waters, lower in sodium and containing over sixty naturally occurring trace elements delivering more flavour for less salt.
  • Cornish Sea salt™ & Cider Vinegar. Purest hand-harvested Cornish Sea Salt™ combined with punchy Westcountry cider vinegar to create a taste sensation.
  • Cornish Sea Salt™ & Cider Vinegar Cornish Sea Salt™ & Luxury Black Pepper. Enjoy a rich flavour that packs a punch with a crisp that is seasoned with Britain’s finest Cornish Sea Salt™ and a specially selected blend of luxury peppers.
  • Westcountry Cheddar Cheese & Chive. Tangy British cheddar and the finest chives create an explosion of flavour with each crunch.
  • Traditional English Breakfast. Take time out to enjoy a traditional English Breakfast; sizzling bacon and sweet tomato flavours transport you to the breakfast table in just one bite.
  • Simply Fish & Chips. Crispy batter, delicious fish and chips flavours, doused in salt and vinegar, a taste of the British sea-side all wrapped up in one mouthful.
  • Classic Roast Beef & Horseradish. Enjoy a Sunday family roast in one bite with mouthwatering British beef and rich horseradish flavours.
  • Chiken Tikka Masala. One of Great Britain’s favourite contemporary meal flavours, encapsulated in one mouthful. Tasty tikka chicken with a little kick creates curry in a crisp.
  • Cornish Pasty.  (Coming very soon!) Working with Warren’s Bakery, the worlds oldest pasty maker, they have created the UK’s finest pasty flavour in a crisp. A burst of rich steak, fresh vegetables, Cornish potatoes and pastry in one bite.


*Source West Briton*