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Hi and welcome to our local artisan and gifts range. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our local artisan producers who reflect all that is special and unique to our region. Today we are delighted to highlight The Cornish Moonshine Company and introduce Matthew Trethewey.

‘’ Born and raised down the back streets of Cornwall, Cornish Moonshine is the rebellious love child of three mates who share the same passion for life and love for Whisky. Our mission is to create a range of distinctively smooth unaged white whiskies to give our drinkers as many reasons as possible to have a good laugh. ‘’

‘’ We like to push boundaries and love to do things differently and this is what makes Cornish Moonshine so unique. We feel our brand stands alone as a rebellious and devilish Cornish tipple and any outlaw that is looking to break the rules should definitely give this serious spirit a try. ‘’

‘’ My favourite part of the job would have to be driving around our stunning county in our bad*ss moonshine truck named “Luna”, meeting all our great customers and finding those hidden gems for our products to be showcased. Being a moonshine slinger is my dream job and Cornwall is my favourite place to be; there is no place like home. ‘’

‘’ The most positive thing I can take from this year would be the opening of our two new Cornish Moonshine hideouts based in the smugglers villages of Charlestown and Mevagissey, both have been a great success. People love to drink moonshine and if I knew then what I know now I would have made more! ‘’

‘’ WestCountry are a fantastic local company with only the best locally sourced products. We are currently venturing into different avenues and have launched a new range of preserves working closely with Jake Kendall from the Cornish Larder Company. Together we have developed a daring selection including the Bad*ss BBQ Sauce and Jail House Chilli Jam laced with 50% proof Devil Water Moonshine. ‘’

We hope you have enjoyed reading about The Cornish Moonshine Company. You can read more about our people online and participate in weekly giveaway competitions supporting local businesses via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. See you soon.

The Cornish Moonshine Company

Introducing the Cornish Moonshine Company, the best kept secret from the deepest, darkest corners of Cornwall. Premium liquor and daring preserves.