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Hi and welcome to our local artisan and gifts range. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our local artisan producers who reflect all that is special and unique to our region. Today we are delighted to highlight Langley’s Rocky Road and introduce Amanda Langley.

‘’ I have been making Langley’s Rocky Road chocolate for 3 years now and I love everything about the job. I get to make and taste delicious chocolate while making people happy. This is my dream job. ‘’

‘’ As a small business it is hard for me to do everything and WestCountry really help me to reach customers I would not otherwise reach. I am thrilled to be represented under their fine foods range as an artisan producer. ‘’

‘’ My love of chocolate in all forms was the inspiration behind Langley’s Rocky Road and the combination of unusual flavours. I am always in awe of the sculptures made at the World Chocolate Masters. I would love to make the ultimate present, a Faberge egg made of chocolate which opens to reveal the most amazing chocolate treats inside. ‘’

‘’ I am always busy developing flavours and products, listening to my customers and looking for the next innovative chocolate gift. I would say the Lime and Sea Salt flavoured chocolate best represents me because it is not always what you expect. An unexpected combination that surprises you in a good way. ‘’

‘’ The most positive thing I can take away from this time during Covid 19 is to value every minute. Be creative and spend time with family. I’m more attached to people than places and my favourite place to be is anywhere that I am with family. ‘’

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Langley’s. You can read more about our people in our blog and participate in weekly giveaway competitions supporting local businesses via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. See you soon.

Langley’s Rocky Road

Luxury Belgian chocolate lovingly handmade in Cornwall. A generous serving of Chocolate combined with caramel, nougat and honeycomb in just the right measures with inspirational flavours. Delightfully moreish, each batch is handmade on the north Cornwall coast.

Christmas Specials

Langley’s Rocky Road have a wonderful selection of festive treats this year available to pre-order. Find fun Carousel Gift Boxes and Mini Christmas Crackers featured in this years Christmas Specials. Download below.