Kitchen Gadgets – Solutions for every chef.

Kitchen Gadgets – Solutions for every chef.

Anyone who has ever idly skipped through the shopping channels will know there are a plethora of kitchen gadgets designed to make the chef’s life easier. But for every George Foreman Grill there is a Hulk Hogan Thunder Shaker. However some of these kitchen gadgets are destined to remain in the box at the back of the cupboard. After plunging the depths of the internet and the shopping channels we bring you a light hearted look at the kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed.

mango splitter time one of many saving kitchen gadgets image via

Ever needed a mango splitter?

Essential Kitchen Gadgets – Slicers.

There is a huge variety of product specific slicers designed to take the place of the trusty knife some of the more unusual kitchen gadgets design for slicing include.

  • The Blancho Melon Corer and Slicer. Coming from Hong Kong this stainless steel slicer is “A definite must-have for your happy home life.” The slicer can can core and slice watermelon in one quick, convenient step.
  • Good Grips’ Mango Splitter. For those who struggle to prepare a mango this device features soft grip handles and  can stone and prepare mangoes with “just one press”.
  • Banana Slicer. Ever struggled to slice through your bananas? If the answer is yes then there are a surprising number of options available to ensure you are able to cut through the notoriously tough  banana. The Hutzler Banana Slicer has been designed with the unique shape of the banana in mind and will easily slice your banana into equal sized pieces.
  • Avocado Slicer, Pealer and Corer. This 3 in 1 tool from Frugo promises to “make better use of your time in the kitchen”. It has been designed to slice, core and cut the avocado with limited mess and fuss.

A quick internet search will present slicers, dicers and corers for many other fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, pineapples, tomatoes and even pizza scissors!

kitchen gadgets designed for hot dogs image source

Cook your hot dogs and buns simultaneously with this gadget.

Kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier.

There are an incredible amount of time saving devices for use in the kitchen beyond specific vegetable slicers, each with their own astonishing purpose.

  • Hot Dog & Bun cooker. From Nostalgia Electrics, the Retro Series Pop Up Toaster allows you to “quickly toast two hot dogs and buns at the same time“. It even includes mini tongs to easily remove the hot dogs.
  • Square Egg cooker. Have you ever looked at an egg and thought ” this egg could do with some corners” the geniuses at Lekue have the solution to all your oval shaped egg issues. The square egg cooker allows you to microwave square “hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs and even Spanish omelettes“.
  • Pot Stirrer. For those of you with too much to do why not look at an electric pot stirrer. Üutensil have developed a three speed pot stirrer, that will enable you to do other things without worrying about your sauce catching.
one of the most astonishing kitchen gadgets we could find image source

Finger Forks – pretend your fingers are Wolverine.

 Table Top accesories.

The gadgets aren’t limited to the kitchen, why not enrich your diners experience with some of these delightful accessories.

  • Finger fork. Ever wanted to turn your fingers into forks? “Simply slide these fantastic novelty forks on to your fingers and you can pierce any food item you desire at a buffet!
  • Finger Plate. The easy to use finger plate is “great for holding onto h’orderves while still being able to hold your drink.”
  • Spaghetti fork. Designed to “avoid the drudgery of having to twirl your own spaghetti.” The battery powered spaghetti fork will twirl your favourite spaghetti around the fork, leaving you more time to enjoy your pasta. The spaghetti fork has been “so well-designed, it works with Linguini, Fetucinni, and Angle Hair Pasta too!”
Kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed image source

When it’s peanut butter jelly time reach for the Peanut butter jelly spreader.


Finally we have come across some ideas that are so off the wall they will leave you scratching your head and questioning everything…

  • Peanut Butter and Jam (jelly) Spreader. This remarkable kitchen gadget will mean you will never get jam in your peanut butter (or visa-versa). It will also reduce washing up time as you only have to wash on implement instead of two knives. Incredibly this nearly foot long marvel comes with a 25 year guarantee.
  • Pickle Picker. Getting pickles from the jar has been a problem faced by man since the invention of the jar. Now thanks to the Kitchen Craft Telescopic Pickle Fork you can “Easily grab and serve all shapes and sizes of pickles from various jars”.
  • Butter Spreader. The Fox Run butter spreader holds a quarter pound stick of butter and allows you to “gently rub the spreader over a fresh ear of corn for easily spreadable butter.”

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