Three flavours of Cornish Biltong.

Seriously good biltong needs seriously good beef. Cornish Biltong is made from the richest, leanest cuts of beef reared in Devon & Cornwall and supplied by Phillip Warren Butchers in Launceston. Marinated in the Biltong Co’s own classic blend of spices, then expertly dried for the most intense flavour, it makes for an utterly irresistible, moreishly meaty snack.

New Cornish Biltong Now Available

Classic Mix

A full flavoured unique blend of traditional biltong spices including coriander, paprika, garlic, sea salt, pepper & cider vinegar.

Chilli Mix

Full flavour biltong, made using the same recipe as the Classic mix but with added spice to give a warming kick.

Pure Biltong

A wonderfully refined version of Cornish Biltong, with only the essentials; sea salt, pepper, coriander & cider vinegar. This product is a must if you want to tap into your inner primal instincts.

12 x 35g

£19.55 £1.63 per unit

Tender local beef – marinated & spiced – nothing more!

Gluten Free | No chemicals or artificial preservatives

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