New Product Range

from the Cornish Seaweed Company

Organic Cornish Seaweed’s, sustainably hand harvested by The Cornish Seaweed Company in west Cornwall.Their team is fully licenced by The Crown Estate and certified organic by The Soil Association. Wearing wetsuits the small team free dive for many of their seaweeds to ensure they are the freshest and purest products available straight from the ocean.

Spice Shakers & Grinders

These user-friendly spice shakers and grinders are equipped with easy to use instructions and useful cooking ideas. The multi-purpose design makes this new range a great addition to table tops and the spice rack; ideal for every day cooking and the perfect beginners tool for cooking with seaweed flavours.

Seaweed Flakes

Dulse Flakes 6x20g

Kelp Flakes 6x40g

Mixed Flakes 6x40g

Sea Green Flakes 6x10g

Sea Salad Flakes 6x12g

£15.90 £2.65 per unit

Dulse Flakes
£15.90 £2.65 per unit

Kelp Flakes
Mixed Flakes

£15.90 £2.65 per unit

Sea Green Flakes
£15.90 £2.65 per unit

Sea Salad Flakes
£15.90 £2.65 per unit

Seaweed Salt & Pepper Grinders

Sea Salt

Sea salt crystals mixed with organic Cornish seaweeds.

£9.20 £2.30 per unit

Sea Salt

Sea salt crystals mixed with oraganic Cornish seaweed.

£9.20 £2.30 per unit


Black, green & red peppercorns with organic Cornish seaweeds.

£9.85 £2.46 per unit

Seaweed Seasoning

Mix of seaweeds & organic spices designed to enhance your dish. Developed by Michelin chef Ben Denton. 




Pasta & Veg

£10.80 £2.70 per unit

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