Close up shot of the baked Dog Treats.

Mouth-watering artisan dog treats, hand baked in Devon using human-grade, ethically sourced natural ingredients including the finest UK sourced meats, herbs, oils and spices.

New Dog Treats Now Available

Calm Moments

Liver treats with the addition of the hugely versatile herbs Chamomile, Lavender & Organic Coconut oil to help calm & soothe. Ideal for chillaxing!

Fabulous Fur

Liver treats containing organic coconut oil, spirulina & lemon balm to create a treat full of highly digestible proteins. It’s also a great source of fibre, a natural immunity booster & a good source of lauric acid; especially good for fabulous fur!

Run Free

All natural Liver treat with added devil’s claw root, turmeric, organic coconut oil & a dash of black pepper help promote good joint & bone health & relieve stiff & sore muscles. Aside from the anti-inflammatory properties associated with this recipe, it may also aid digestion & urinary tract health helping your dog to stay active & Run Free.

Take My Dog Breath Away 

Liver treats with added Organic Coconut Oil, Parsley & Peppermint; will not only assist with the doggy breath but the addition of parsley & coconut oil may also help with digestion as well as the added bonus of lauric acid in the coconut oil may also help to boost pups immunity as well as keeping skin & coat in tip-top condition too!

12 x 50g

£13.92 £1.16 per unit

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