Speciality Organic Cornish Produce.

As previously mentioned we have big plans for growing a unique selection of organic Cornish produce at Canara Farm in 2016. After careful planning we are now ready to reveal our full plan for 2016. We are very excited and feel 2016 will be a great year for Canara Farm. In 2016 we plan on growing a more diverse range of organic Cornish produce that should delight and inspire chefs. As in previous years we will be growing a range of heritage tomatoes as well as some stunning varieties of strawberries, potatoes, beans, chilies and more.

Organic Tomato Poly Tunnels.

Organic Cornish Tomatoes

Organic Cornish Tomatoes growing at Canara Farm during the early summer of 2015.

We will be growing a colourful selection of organic Cornish heritage tomato varieties. These will be used in combinations to produce three distinct tomato product lines;

  • Mixed Cherry Tomato 500g punnet.
  • Canara Gold 500g punnet.
  • Artisan Tomato Mix 3kg.

The varieties we plan on growing this year are;

  • Tomatoberry – small thin skinned berry shaped fruits, with outstanding sweet taste an exquisite addition to summer salad bowls.
  • Rainbow Blend – sensational mix of sweet, juicy, colourful baby plum tomatoes. This blend will add vibrant colours and tastes to salads, sauces and a variety of tomato dishes.
  • Brown Berry – a heritage cherry variety with a sweet taste and smokey undertones.
  • Zebra Plum Tomato – a distinctive brown on red striped tomato.
  • Canara Gold – bright orange cherry tomato, the high sugar content makes this an irresistibly sweet juicy tomato.
  • Lorenzo – a vivid yellow main crop tomato.
  • Black Prince – with deep black/chocolate brown colourings, this tomato has a flavour as deep and rich as the colour.
  • Argo – pointed red San Marzano plum tomato with good firm flesh and flavour.
  • Bolzano -this beautiful deep orange main crop tomato will brighten up summer salads.

Organic Cornish Mixed Fine Beans.

Organic Cornish mixed beans

Expect more of these fantastic organic Cornish mixed beans in 2016

Our mixed Fine beans have proved very popular with chefs over the last couple of years. We will be growing a selection of colourful varieties for our 500g mixed packs. The mixed beans also help to add valuable nitrates back to the soil, which helps with the growing plans for 2017. This year we are planning on growing the following varieties;

  • Cobra – a tender stringless bean with excellent flavour and round pods instead of flattened.
  • Cosse Violette – Delicious beans with a deep purple colour that turns green once cooked.
  • Neckargold – a yellow wax pole bean that has wide semi-flattened pods (similar to an Italian Bean) with a sweet flavour.
  • Borlotti Beans – sometimes known as Cranberry beans, brightly coloured pods that are popular in  Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Selma Zebra – This eye catching bean has unusual marbled pods that once cooked contain tasty green pods.
Purple Mange Tout growing at Canara Farm, Cornwall.

Can’t wait to have more of this Organic Cornish Purple Mange Tout.

As well as our mixed fine beans we will be growing an early runner bean. We have chosen the Enorma variety as we have found it produces a high yield of excellently flavoured beans. This will be the first time we will be offering the Principe Chick Pea these fresh green pods contain just one or two peas. They have a sweet nutty flavour and can be enjoyed “Edamame” style. As we have in previous years we will be growing Shiraz Purple Mangetout that add a striking colour to stir fries and salads. Stereo Broad Bean delicious incredibly nutty variety that can be eaten like mange tout.

Organic Cornish Chilies.

Green peppers growing at Canara Farm.

Last year’s pepper crop will be replaced by a selection of chilies.

Over the past few years we have grown a few varieties of long sweet peppers. In 2016 we plan on heating things up and growing the following selection of chili peppers;

  • Orange & Yellow Cheyenne – 40,000 Scoville heat units.
  • Jalapeno – 1,000 to 20,000 Scoville heat units.
  • Trinidad Perfume – like a Habenero minus the heat with somewhere between 0 and 500 Scoville heat units.
  • De Cayenne – 30,000 – 50,000 Scoville heat units.
  • Hungarian Hot Wax – 1,000-15,000 Scoville heat units.

Raised Beds and more.

Deep colour in these Salad Blue potatoes

Our sample crop of organic Cornish Salad Blue potaotes, which will be growing at Canara Farm in 2016.

The raised beds are already in place and we are sticking very closely to our original plans with regards to crops. For those who missed these plans we intend to have the following organic produce available for 2016;

  • Salad Blue Potatoes –  highly versatile with a deep blue colour.
  • Eschallot Grise – a favourite in French cuisine due to it’s intense flavour.
  • Carcassonne Wight Garlic with scapes – a good sized bulb with pink tint.
  • Mara Des Bois Strawberries – a deep red strawberry with a strong aroma.
  • Snow White Strawberries – a beautiful white strawberry with red pips.

As well as these fantastic crops we are going to have Courgette Flowers growing in the beds surrounding the tunnels. We are also looking forward to growing Ruby Queen Sweet Corn, a sweet and tender corn with deep red kernels.

With all this marvelous organic Cornish produce planned for 2016 we are sure that the talented mix of chefs throughout the South West will be creating an inspiring range of dishes. Please send us any pictures you have of any menu items featuring Canara Farm produce. To ensure you don’t miss any of these follow us on Twitter and sign up to our email newsletter.