Plough to Plate

Since its launch in 2003 Plough to Plate has built a superb reputation for sourcing the finest hand crafted and artisan products and supplying them to discerning chefs and specialist retailers throughout the region. Acquired towards the end of 2013, Plough to Plate is now an integral part of the WestCountry group of businesses, the product range remains as interesting and eclectic as ever but is now backed by the logistical expertise and huge distribution capability of WestCountry.

Whether you are looking for micro-brewery beers, hand raised pork pies, slow risen breads, authentic charcuterie, award winning cheeses or artisan chocolates you’ll find them all, and much more, among the thousands of fine food products available from Plough to Plate. The Plough to Plate catalogue is an encyclopedia of regional fine food – and a crucial reference book for chefs and specialist store owners throughout the region

With our contacts at Rungis Market outside Paris we also have access to all the fine foods available at Europe’s biggest food market so please get in touch if you have a specific requirement; it might be that you need fresh truffles or it could be a 25 year old DOCG balsamic vinegar, if it’s available then we will do our best to source it – just give us a call.

To see the complete Plough to Plate range please take a look at our catalogue.
Plough to Plate Catalogue.





The range of product available from across the South West has increased exponentially over the last decade and a half. All of the counties have played their part in the boom in interesting artisanal products and Plough to Plate exists to bring you the best of them. We have gourmet crisps from Cornwall, cold pressed rapeseed oil from Devon and nutty snacks from Somerset to name just a few; and remember, we also import specialist products from the famous Rungis Market in Paris.



The South West boasts some of the lushest grazing land in Europe so it’s no coincidence that there are numerous dairy producers making the most of the high quality milk produced. We’ll keep you stocked with milk, cream, butter, yoghurt and eggs but that’s just a part of our chilled range; from organic soups, to pies, tarts, quiches and cakes (like the superb Peck & Strong Victoris sponge above), via charcuterie, smoked salmon and best back bacon, if it’s available we’ll get it to you cold and quick.


No, we haven’t made a mistake, Hobbs House, the multi-award winning artisan bakery, have perfected the art of the frozen loaf – just defrost and give a quick blast in a hot oven to re-crisp the crust – perfect bread precisely when you need it and no waste. The same applies to the rest of our increasingly diverse range of fine frozen foods; from Exploding Bakery’s wonderful traybakes to Barnett Fare’s delicious pasties, never before has frozen food looked and tasted this good.