Canara Farm

We are extremely proud to have started growing our own produce again in 2014, it’s a little known fact that we were Cornwall’s last commercial tomato growers, something that became uneconomic in the last decade. We have around fourteen acres of prime market garden with several huge polytunnels and have started growing a range of specialist vegetables, salads and herbs (and a few fruits).

Our first few seasons in production have seen heirloom and artisan tomatoes such as black cherry, green sausage and Hawaiian currant; baby carrots, turnips and beetroots of various shapes and colours; a plethora of peas and beans from purple mange tout to striped French beans; edible flowers like marigolds, nasturtiums, borage and, of course, the wonderful courgette flower for stuffing and/or deep frying; a range of basils – Thai, Greek, purple and lemon; and many more colourful varieties chosen specifically for flavour, texture and maximum aesthetic appeal. The thinking behind Canara is local, specialist produce of the type that has, historically, been imported from the Continent. Rather than following food fashions from elsewhere we aim to help our customers lead from the front; please get in touch to find out what’s available and to talk about any specialist requirements you may have.



From polytunnel to plate as quickly as possible…