Lizard Leaves

Since 2003, Lizard Leaves has been the go-to supplier for Cornish chefs looking for the finest and freshest salad leaves. Grower Pete Lawrence is now an integral part of the WestCountry team, managing Lizard Leaves and Canara Farm (happily they are located next to each other on the beautiful and very fertile Mylor Downs between Truro and Falmouth). Pete’s approach and the tender, wonderfully flavoured babyleaves he produces are testimony to the care he takes.

From spring onwards chefs love the vibrancy, texture, tenderness and flavour of the  gourmet babyleaves – at least twelve varieties go into each and every bag; green and red incised batavia, green butterhead lettuce, red and green mizuna, russian kale, tat soi, purple pak choi, ruby and green frills, land cress, and red and yellow Chard. Hand-picked, packed and delivered from field to kitchen within twenty-four hours, there is no fresher, tastier or better looking salad available in the UK.

Hand-picked means hand-picked at Lizard Leaves…