About Ponthier

Based in South West France, Ponthier have been passing on the craft of fruit growing from father to son for over 70 years. Similar to Westcountry, Ponthier was originally run as a fresh fruit wholesaler, selling produce grown on their family farm.  In 1998 the company created the first range of chilled purées and coulis, combining tradition and innovation. Ponthier now exports purees to over 65 countries globally, and its partners include Le Cordon Bleu, The Association of Pastry Chefs and The World Cocktail Championships.

Experts in their field

Ponthier purées, or fruit ‘pulp’, are made from fruits harvested annually by partner suppliers around the world. Harvesting the fruit once a year ensures that the origin and maturity of the fruit creates the best possible flavour. Each batch undergoes a Brix test, to analyse the sugar levels in the fruit ensuring it is ripe for harvest.  The fruit is then transported under optimal conditions to maintain its freshness. Once it reaches the Ponthier factory it is placed in their temperature controlled storage warehouse, a building large enough to store 5700 pallets of fruit (a full year’s production).

The produce is sorted and crushed before pure cane sugar is added and the pulp is refined.  The mixture is then flash pasteurised and immediately cooled, ensuring it is safe and hygienic whilst preserving taste and colour. Each batch is then tasted to ensure a smooth texture, as well as a flavor and colour identical to fresh fruit.

About the Products

All products are chilled – No defrosting period is required and products can be refrigerated for up to 15 months before opening. Once open use within 15 days

No additives – Only pure cane sugar is added to the fruit to preserve the flavor.

Food Safety Guarantee –All fruit undergoes a comprehensive analysis for pesticide residue. All products meet the following requirements; IFS (Higher Level) & BRC (Grade A).

Our Range

We stock a wide range of chilled purées, including cherry, raspberry, peach and apricot. Other products from the Ponthier range, including puréed vegetables and fruit coulis, are available upon request. For more information please contact a member of our sales team.