Produce Report – Heat & Drought

Produce Report – Heat & Drought

We are starting to see the effects of the recent extreme weather now with certain crops and the impact is likely to last well into the coming Autumn and Winter seasons… examples we are seeing are:


Strawberries – are currently very dark due to the high temperatures and almost need picking twice a day – shelf life is restricted.

Calabrese – heads are half their normal size due to a lack of water  – they will just flower before they get bigger, this also halves the crop yield.

Leeks – some of the pieces are bolting as the plants are under that much stress they think they are at the end of their life cycle and begin to put out flower spikes, entire drillings are being lost in NW England.

Graded Chipping Potatoes – are a lot smaller in size with no water available to help growing conditions.

Salad Mid Potatoes – harvest quality being affected by the extreme conditions.

Carrots – all harvests being impacted by the lack of rain – prices will rise and harvest volumes are reduced on a massive scale.


Shelf life on nearly all products will decrease as crops are stressed especially the leafy crops: water cress/salad line currently struggling.

Some issues such as the strawberries are short term , leeks for example may go on for months, others for example cauliflower and potatoes till this time next year.

It will be a tough period coming up for availability, price and quality, we will keep you updated as we hear or see things but please be aware.



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