Fresh produce on display inside the Rungis Market.

Whilst we make tremendous efforts to source as much as we can locally, there are products that we have to import. Between our own exertions at Canara Farm and Lizard Leaves and the intricate web of suppliers we have across Cornwall, the Westcountry and the UK can supply a huge amount of food without having to import but there are products which cannot be grown here and times of the year when our customers expect to have lines available outside of the Cornish or UK growing season.

Our answer to this conundrum is to supply as much local, regional and then UK produce as we can but where we have to source outside the UK we do so from selected sources, one of which is the extraordinary Rungis Market outside Paris the world’s largest leading market. Our buying partners are based in the market itself and have played a pivotal role in exporting prime produce to all corners of the world.

View of the Rungis indoor market.

The finest fruit, vegetables & specialist foods from around the world brought to you direct.

Fresh Salanova Lettuce Mix from Rungis Market.

The fresh produce market is one of the great hubs of the international food industry and traders there are in constant contact with our buyers, keeping them informed of the best quality and value available. The quality of fresh fruit and vegetables available at Europe’s biggest food market is extraordinary and Rungis Direct gives you access to the same produce as the best chefs in Europe.

Not only do you have access to world-class fresh produce, you also have access to Rungis full market which includes poultry, patisserie, dairy, pastry and specialist food items such as aged balsamic vinegar that is not currently available in the UK.

We order weekly and import direct to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. Talk to your field sales rep or account representative today to find out more information.

Whole large shrimp from the Rungis Market.

Westcountry Fruit Sales is our fresh produce division which includes our own Canara Farm and Lizard Leaves products.

Our own farm growing an inspiring range of remarkable produce and the famous Lizard Leaves.

Lizard Leaves has the perfect balance of taste, texture and appearance.