Strawberries are one of the fruits we associate most with summer time. We now have a good supply of English (from Oak Church, Kent) & Cornish strawberries arriving fresh in our fridges every day. The strawberry season traditionally ran from June to August, however the season has now been extended through the use of poly-tunnels.

Cornish Strawberries.

Trevaskis Farm Cornish Strawberries

Beautiful strawberries from Trevaskis Farm

The Cornish strawberry season much like Cornish asparagus season is one of the highlights of the culinary calendar. Our main sources of Cornish strawberries are Mitchell Fruit Gardens & Trevaskis Farm. Strawberries have been growing on at Mitchell Fruit Garden since 1977, this family run business has evolved from only growing outside to mixture of glass/poly tunnels and outside plants with hedge to prevent the wind and a remote controlled irrigation system.

Also a family run business Trevaskis Farm produce a wide range of seasonal berries and vegetables as well as running a large restaurant and farm shop.

Varieties of Strawberries

strasberries & pineberries

Pineberries and strasberries amazing hybrid varieties of strawberries.

There are over 200 different varieties of strawberry available throughout the world.

For those looking for a specific type of strawberry we would recommend signing up to out Rungis email for access to some of Europe’s  finest varieties such as the Mairs des Bois strawberry and the Gariguette strawberry both famous for their flavour and aroma.

You may also recall we have stocked some more unusual strawberry varieties such as the Pineberry, Strasberry and Bubbleberry.

Strawberry Combinations.

When people think of combining strawberries, combinations that typically spring to mind are cream, sugar or champagne. How ever recently there has been an increase in pairing the strawberry with black pepper or balsamic vinegar.

The sweet taste of the strawberry make it perfect for all manner of desserts including ice cream, sorbet, tarts, cheese cakes and many more. If you think your menu is showcasing the strawberry in a unique way please share the image with us on Twitter  and we will share it with our followers.

Most Expensive Strawberry.

The world’s most expensive strawberry comes from Japan known as the Senbikiya Queen. Located in Tokyo the Senbikiya shop specialises in perfect fruits which are given as gifts. A box of 12 perfectly matched  Senbikiya Queen Strawberries retail at 6,825 Yen (£52.40).

Artisan Strawberry products.

Our Plough to Plate range contains a number of artisan producers including

Strawberry Vinegar and conserves.
Get Fruity Bars.
Eton Mess Chocolate.
Strawberry Shortbread.

Not Actually a Berry.

Technically a strawberry is not a fruit, from a botanical point of view they are classed as a false fruit i.e a nut. To be considered a berry a fruit should have it’s seeds on the inside, the average strawberry has 200 seeds on the out side.