Tropical Fruit Growing at Canara Farm.

Pete is keeping a careful eye on a small batch of Kiwano as they approach ripeness. The Kiwano also known as a Horned Melon or Jelly Melon is native to the much warmer climates of Southern and Central Africa. The skin of these tropical fruits is orange with little horns and cannot be eaten. The flesh of the fruit is green and jelly like in texture with edible seeds. The Kiwano is most often eaten on its own, but also makes a great addition to salads or desserts. The taste is said to be a combination of melon, banana, cucumber and lime. Although the stock will be very limited we are very excited about the success of this fruit as we believe it to be the first instance of this tropical fruit being grown here in Cornwall.

Currently available from Canara Farm we have bunches of baby beetroot and large leaf spinach. Over the next few weeks we can look forward to seeing new crops of Rainbow Radish, Baby White Turnip and Sweet Peppers (available with red or green flesh). We are confident that we will have Rainbow Chard and Rainbow Carrots available in time for Christmas. Remember to keep up to date with all new arrivals at Canara Farm follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our weekly email offers.

Looking ahead to the New Year we are beginning to see growth on both the Carrassome Wight Garlic and the Eschallot Grise and hope to see some development in the “over winter” onion crops. We are continuing to advance the infrastructure of the nursery and developmental tunnels with the arrival of a new water tank and improved irrigation.

Crop plans for next couple of months.

Nov/Dec Bunched Rainbow Carrot – Should be available mid-December.
Bunched Baby Beetroot – Available now.
Black Round Radish – Should be available late November.
Large Leaf Spinach – Available now.
Radish Red Meat – Should be available late November.
Bunched Baby Turnip – Should be available late November.
Rainbow Chard – Should be available mid-December.
Jan/Feb Northern Lights Cabbage – Should be available late December/early January.