Westcountry – Our Favourite Tweets 2015.

With Christmas behind us and 2016 looming, here at Westcountry we are using our Twitter feed to look back over 2015. This past year has been a very positive year across all 3 of our depots.

Tweets from a selection of Westcountry customer

Westcountry Twitter highlights 2015

Westcountry Trade Shows.

We began the year with some very successful trade shows in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Our custom designed trade stand attracted many visitors and gave us a chance to catch up with old customers and make connections with new customers.

We had some fantastic feedback from everyone who visited our trade stand at each trade show. ZLC Energy told us that they were recommending our “beautiful stall” to every one at Expo West. The Exploding Bakery and Little Pod were both very impressed with our “great looking stand” that was called one of the “best looking stands” at the Source Trade Show.

Canara Farm.

The produce from our Organic Farm at Mylor went from strength to strength. We had great a great response to every Canara Farm related tweet. Even Dutch based Global Green House news outlet Horti Daily picked up on our Heritage Cherry Tomato mix.

The stunning varieties of tomatoes were impressing customers from throughout the South West, the team behind Cornwall Hour went so far as to say “they look like a work of art”.

Tomatoes were not the only Canara Farm product that gained a lot of attention this year with our Rainbow Radish being highlighted by world wide fruit and vegetable news source Fresh Plaza. Our Bunched baby turnips have looked great though out the later part of 2015 and we have to agree with the Old School Bar & Kitchen team who described them as “lovely”.

The whole team at Westcountry are anticipating seeing an even more exciting variety of organic produce from Canara Farm in 2016. We can’t wait to see our customers reactions to all of this organic speciality produce as it is picked and look forward to seeing it pop up on menus through out Cornwall and Devon.

Local Produce.

Providing the best seasonally available local produce will always be at the core of our business. 2015 was no different from any other year in this respect. Using out Twitter account to keep our customers up to date helps to ensure that the best local produce reaches them as soon as it arrives from local farms.

Whilst we see the produce as it arrives we don’t often get to see the finished this year customers shared their dishes with us. As shown in the picture Patnicks Preserves shared their Cornish Beetroot chutney. Over on the Scilly Isles the team at St Mary’s Hall were using Cornish strawberries for their pavlova desert.

Fresh Produce.

We know we have done our job well when customers share pictures of our fresh produce as soon as it arrives with them. This year saw some of the most vibrant Rainbow  Chard to appear in the Westcountry fridges. Other produce that proved popular enough to Tweet about this year included; Kale, King Oyster Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Habanero Chilies, Purple Sprouting, Fennel and Potato Lovers.

Interesting Produce.

As we have access to produce from all round the world we are always willing to try and offer something different to our customers. In 2014 the  Strasberry caused a lot of interest and we now see them popping up on lots of menus. This year we have had Pineberries, Ugli Fruit and Dragon Egg Cucumbers all causing a stir on our Twitter feed. Although not pictured,this year we were also stocking the World’s Hottest Chili  – The Carolina Reaper, maybe in the new year we will see some pictures of customers reactions to this chili.

Rungis Direct.

Through our links within the Rungis Market we have been able to source some of the finest produce in the world. The high engagement rate of Tweets from each time we post pictures of the splendid stock as it arrives gives us a clear indication of  how impressed people are with the high quality of the good on the French Market. As the picture shows the Fox and Hounds were extremely happy with the “Beautiful Girolles” we were able to source for them. Tanglewood Kitchen on St Mary’s were very happy with the Wild Asparagus that was bought in during the very short season.

Great Cornish Food Awards.

This year the team at Westcountry were very happy to be recognised in the Great Cornish Food Awards. Cornwall Food and Drink posted a great picture from the award ceremony. Juliet’s Garden on St Mary’s also won at the Great Cornish Food Awards and we were very happy to be acknowledged by them in their tweet.

Westcountry 2016.

Our plans for Canara Farm have already been mentioned, we also plan to continue to deliver the high levels of quality and service that are the core values of the company. We hope that more customers will start to interact with us across Twitter and allow us to see how our produce is being used through out the South West.