Winter Crops Update.

The winter crops plan that Pete has produced for Canara Farm is producing some positive results at this point. Many chef’s throughout Cornwall and Devon are already using the fantastic rainbow chard, that has been available since October. We are very excited to share some pictures of the other winter crops that will be available from December on wards.

Canara Farm Emerald Ice Kale one of the winter crops from Canara Farm

Emerald Ice kale plants are one of the winter crops from Canara Farm

  • Emerald Ice Kale – One of the best quality kales available. The Emerald Ice Kale has a stunning colour contrast with a distinct white centre. These winter crops maintain their crispness and have a sweet flavour.
  • Midnight Sun Kale – This Kale has a very striking appearance with a vibrant pink vein running through the leaves. We hope these two kales will help add some stunning colour combinations to your dishes.
  • Rainbow Carrots  – Over the last few years bunches of Rainbow Carrots from Canara Farm have been incredibly popular and we look forward to our first harvest of them.
Canara Farm Midnight Sun Kale - One of the winter crops growing at Canara Farm

Striking red/pink vein running through this Midnight Sun Kale, one of the winter crops available soon from Canara Farm

Other Winter Crops.

Last week we were pleased to introduce the fantastic Kalettes from Padstow Garden Kitchen, but what other winter crops can you look forward to over the coming months. We have seen the arrival of Cornish Purple sprouting today and are confident that this will be a feature on seasonal menus. We also have fantastic Cornish Romanesque Cauliflowers available alongside good quality local cauliflowers. Previous years we have seen Cornish Kiwis arrive in the depot during December and January, although we can’t guarantee these we hope to have them.

Late December early January should hopefully see the arrival of some popular citrus varieties the Seville and Blood Orange, so we look forward to seeing lots of marmalade and creative deserts appearing on our Twitter & Instagram feeds. We can also look forward to Forced English Rhubarb, Sprout Stalks, Chesnuts and quinces arriving fresh into our depots.