Mixed Cherry Tomatoes growing at Canara Farm.

Westcountry Fruit Sales Ltd and The Essential Food Company has full, current, Quality Assurance certification. The Company has achieved BRC Global Standard accreditation to grade A audited annually by Food-chain Certification.

BRC Audit accreditation is the ‘gold standard’ for professional foodservice supply chain businesses

This stringent test of documented operational procedures, covering the process of handling, storing and distributing fresh, chilled and ambient produce in the wholesale sector, provides caterers with the peace of mind that they require in order to operate a genuinely
‘food-safe’ business.

Red Russian Kale growing at Canara Farm.

Local Rainbow Chard from Terawhiti Farm.

It is a legal requirement for all caterers to be able to demonstrate that they have investigated the quality of the food-safety procedures operated by their suppliers. Our continuous investment in the development of Quality Management systems enables us to give our customers the Quality Assurance that they require.

Any wholesale distributor that does not operate an independently audited Quality Management system will not be able to provide the necessary food safety assurances that today’s food service professional requires. 

Like you, we take
food safety seriously

If you would like any further information concerning our Quality Management Systems, our HACCP or a copy of our Quality Statement please email your enquiry to adrian@westcountry.co.uk

Our roots as a fresh produce wholesaler in Cornwall go back as far as 1856.

Westcountry is the oldest and largest specialist wholesaler of fresh produce in the South West.

First-rate account management and extraordinary levels of customer care are at the heart of our business.