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WestCountry operate a highly efficient and sustainable logistics operation. We deliver and collect on the same efficient daily routes across the region, scheduled in order to maximise our use of each route in order to consolidate the collection and delivery of fresh produce, dairy, dry stores and local artisanal ranges. This highly efficient and sustainable network connects over 100 local seasonal growers, as well as over 60 regional artisan producers that we distribute on behalf of through Plough to Plate, with caterers and retailers right across the South West.

We are undertaking a number of sustainability initiatives at the moment, as part of our ongoing efforts to minimise our impact on the environment we all live and operate in. Some of these are looking specifically at plastic and packaging and others are focused on our wider environmental impacts and sustainability initiatives.

We are committed to the reduction of packaging on products; where packaging is used, that it is biodegradable when possible, we promote and offer the removal of non-essential packaging at delivery time or on future delivery dates i.e. collection of empty boxes, crates etc. We aim to re-use as much packaging and many boxes as possible, we collect all empty boxes and crates to reuse and recycle through our supply chain and daily pick-pack operations. We comply with all regulatory and legislative requirements as a minimum level of performance.

We monitor and review the environmental performance of the company on an annual basis. We monitor material use and promote waste minimisation practices:

– we recycle all paper, cardboard and plastics.

– We use energy and water efficiently across all out depots and have made very significant Solar PV investment. 

– We promote and operate highly sustainable fleet management and sustain genuine local procurement.

Our objective is to reduce our impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement and investment. We continue to work with our customers and suppliers to reduce their impact on the environment. Our Sustainable Procurement Policy sets out the principles, policies and procedures on which sustainable business activity within company is based. The policy acts as a prompt to staff to consider sustainability as a factor in all purchasing and customer related decisions and we actively seek to minimise the adverse environmental effects of people travelling to and from our offices.

Thanks @fruitsales for the low plastic delivery, the cardboard boxes are here to be picked up and reused

Merchants Manor – Falmouth

Well done @fruitsales. Our delivery looks fab and absolutely no plastic packaging

St Agnes Post Office – Isles of Scilly

Examples of some of the specific Environmental and Sustainability measures and initiatives we have undertaken are detailed below:

– Talking to the bag suppliers about moving to a bio-degradable plastic and having bio-degradable packaging options for products like punnets of grapes and   strawberries

–  Trying to remove the use of plastics from some of the volume mushroom packing going back up our supply chain – we should see changes with this soon

– Running a pilot scheme for a fully integrated “returnable box scheme” for deliveries in order to significantly reduce the use of packaging for deliveries

– Trialling EV vehicle use for our delivery network.  We have been carrying out some initial trials of EV vehicles to test the technology, viability of load       requirements, multi-drop utilisation and battery life/range of these vehicles to see how they might meet the needs for our fleet in the future. These initial trials     will help shape our future investment in this technology and innovation. 

– Contributing financially to excellent local environmental initiatives to reduce all of our impacts on the environment – recent examples are Beach Guardian     scheme and the Final Straw.

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Water in a Box

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Avocado Shortage

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One Water

One Water

One Water Planet-Friendly One Water Carton Low plastic, low carbon and recyclable alternative for consumers who want to reduce both their plastic use and climate impact.100% Recyclable92% of UK councils offer carton recycling. Low Carbon Produced using renewable...

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Our roots as a fresh produce wholesaler in Cornwall go back as far as 1856 – read more here.

We are very conscious of our potential to impact positively on the communities in Cornwall and Devon – read more here.

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