Avocado Shortage

Global shortage and massive demand driving wholesale prices up

Avocado trees can yield inconsistent volumes and many countries have experienced smaller yields than expected such as Peru, the largest exporter of avocados in South American, Kenya with their largest ever fall recorded by 20%, South Africa and the United States.

The lack of avocados on the European market is a consequence of the situation in the United States. The harvest in California has been significantly smaller than the previous year yielding 77,000 as opposed to 170,000. Large volumes are being exported from Peru and Mexico to the US instead of to Europe due to the favourable prices.

Currently Peru, Mexico and South Africa are the countries in production. Colombia is also producing, but it has smaller volumes which are primarily intended for the domestic market and Europe. The production in Chile is expected to arrive in a month.

Countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, China and Japan are relying on imports to meet demand and there have even been reports of avocados being sold before they have reached markets.

Last week, the price for Mexican avocados stood at 650 pesos ($ 33.80) per 10 kilo box; a record price. This price increase is due to a lower yield of avocados.

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