Out Standing in our Field

Colourful Fine Beans at Canara Farm

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. Today Pete will be talking about the French Fine Beans currently in season.

Pete with Borlotti Beans

” We are growing five varieties of climbing french bean this year available as a mixed 500g bag. We’ve got a Borlotti Fire Tongue Bean, Gold Field Yellow Bean, Carminat Purple Bean, Selma Zebra Bean and a Cobra Green Bean. ”

Picking the beans in the Polytunnel

” The plants look a bit ragged at the moment because we have been through and deleafed them. French beans really do like to hide and make for difficult picking. When they grow they can become a super jungle and the plants get covered by huge green leaves. ”

” We have experimented this year with a little bit of deleafing especially around the base and going up the column of the plant and what we are finding is that there absolutely fine. The beans are producing really well. ”

Five varieties of fine beans

” I’ve grown Borlotti Fire Tongue Bean before. It is a very productive bean with a great taste and you get this lovely red patterning on the bean which is visually appealing. ”

” I like to eat them raw and they do lose most of their colour when cooked. I tend to thinly slice the green, yellow and purple so you get all the flashes of colour and then diagonally cut the larger Borlotti and Selma Zebra beans. When you mix them together you can make a great fine bean salad.”

Innovative Food

What innovative menus are you crafting with our seasonal produce? We want to know. Nick and Amanda from The Heron Inn in Malpas had this to say.

” I don’t like cooked beans. I like them raw as you lose all the flavour from the bean when cooking. Beans and pulses are all really popular not just for matching food to fish or protein but for vegetarians and vegans. We have quite a good name for our vegan menu without knowing. We’ve made a separate menu using a lot of the ingredients we’ve already got. Your be surprised how many customers we have who are not vegan but choose to order from the vegan menu and that goes to show where the flavour is. ”

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the climbing french beans available from the farm, and we look forward to sharing more with you soon. Pete at the farm has a fantastic crop plan lined up for us this year with some unique products available on request. These are picked and packed fresh just for you. Subscribe to our newsletter today for regular updates or you can call or email our sales team for more information.