High Spanish Prices

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Poor Weather Causing High Demand

High Prices

Between January and February Salad prices often increase due to poor weather in Spain. Although last year we experienced better conditions than in 2017 when a Courgette crisis hit the market resulting in prices fetching nearly £3 apiece. Supermarkets across the UK had to resort to rationing Courgettes, Lettuce and Broccoli to see shoppers through the shortage.

Storm Gloria

This year Spain was hit hard by a violent Storm named Gloria. Strong winds of up to 62mph, heavy rain and 50ft ocean waves caused fatal conditions for residents and damages to infrastructure. You can imagine the destruction Storm Gloria has caused to crop fields, nurseries and greenhouses across the region.

Damages with Future Consequences

The Impact

Whilst the hit on Salad and Tomato prices has been noticeable Lettuce and Cucumber have been the most obvious. This has already started to ease and prices should return to normal relatively soon. The Citrus sector however will likely suffer badly later in the year and Onion could also be effected as many of the newly planted bulbs have been wiped out.

Produce News

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