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Hi and welcome to our local artisan and gifts range. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our local artisan producers who reflect all that is special and unique to our region. Today we are delighted to highlight Rebelicious Sauces and introduce Ottilia Aviram.

‘’ I was working in London and commuting when the idea behind Rebelicious Sauces came about. With a young child I could not find any simple sauces and condiments which were low in salt and sugar. We started creating our own healthy sauces and after making some for other families Rebelicious Sauces really started to take off. ‘’

‘’ The Beetroot and Horseradish Ketchup I would say best represents me because I love the colour purple and I love beetroot. I have to say this particular product also wears my favourite illustration designed by Rupert Skelton. Rupert has hand drawn some great characters for our front labels. ‘’

‘’ Our sauces are super quick to use and only require 5 minutes to heat. You can mix our Roasted Pepper and Tomato sauce into pasta for a quick and easy meal without the need to fry any extra vegetables. The Beetroot and Horseradish Ketchup is a healthy alternative to standard ketchup and goes great with homemade potato wedges. ‘’

‘’ This year we have redesigned our product labels and we have plans to launch a new Teryaki Sauce, Curry Sauce and a new ketchup which is very exciting! Head to our website for great recipes and useful cooking tips including a fantastic Prawn Korma recipe. ‘’

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Rebelicious Sauces. You can read more about our people online and participate in weekly giveaway competitions supporting local businesses via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Rebelicious Sauces

This new award-winning range is hand made in Truro using mainly local ingredients. Aimed at helping busy families with young children make healthy simple suppers without compromising on flavour.