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Hi and welcome to our local artisan and gifts range. In this regular blog series we take a closer look at our local artisan producers who reflect all that is special and unique to our region. Today we are delighted to highlight Touchwood Cider and introduce Nigel Smith.

” Touchwood Cider was inspired by our visits to Brittany, one of two main French regions where apple trees are grown and cider is produced. We even served organic Breton Cider for our Wedding day! We will drink cider with anything and I love to eat home produced foods. “


” We moved into the woodlands in the late 80’s and renovated an old cider barn in Mithian that had been scrubbed sometime in the 70’s. This was all possible thanks to the Cornwall County Council and the Cornish Orchards Initiative. ”

” I was able to apply for a grant and the plan was to replant orchards and reinstate apple growing in Cornwall. We grow and harvest from old varieties of local apples such as Tommy Knight, Pig Nose and Pear Apples. The trees are well over 25 years old now. My favourite part of the job is planting more apple trees and I love when the orchards are in full blossom. ”

” What makes our cider so unique is that it is made from 100% apple juice and it is all made from the orchards on the farm. Only sterile filter and CO2 is added which means our cider contains no additives or preservatives and is not pasteurised. It is also vegan friendly. ”

” We like WestCountry because they are a local company who support local producers. The most positive moment I can take away from the Covid 19 experience is the greater interest in people buying more locally. We are looking into 330ml sized bottles, cans and sparkling kegs as our next business venture. ”

Touchwood Cider

Created as a result of a long term-project to reinstate apple growing to Cornwall, Touchwood cider is a small family run business passionate about producing a fine quality drink. Made with 100% apple juice and organic principles, the juice is naturally fermented and matured on their farm in Mithian, St Agnes on the North coast of Cornwall.