Potato Market Update

Potato Harvesting at Pryor & Sons from Perranwell Station.

The damaging effects from extreme weather are now visible on potato crops in the current market. Although there has not been any significant change in crop yield the impact of quality has now been recognized and tests have shown that crops throughout the UK have high levels of internal rust, growth cracks and have green and pest damage.  

Current weather conditions are preventing farm land from drying out and with day lengths shortening and temperatures dropping the quality of the remaining crop still to be lifted could be jeopardised further.  

Recent wet weather is causing complications

& concerns for potato growers.

Variety Highlights

Whites & Baking Potatoes

Whites and baking potatoes have experienced slow trade due to recent weather however prices have held in the market. There are quality issues and high waste levels due to rejection. Internal rust, growth cracks and bruising are damages reported.

Harvest Processing at Pryor & Sons.

Close up shot of fresh Baking Potatoes. 

Maris Piper Potatoes

Maris Piper is in plentiful supply and samples vary in quality. This potato is experiencing high waste levels due to rejection particularly because of the high volume available.

Red Potatoes

Red potato trade is steady and both quality and yield are good.

South West Crop Report

A brief overview of potato crops throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

Our Fresh Potato Supplier Map of the South West.

40% of crop still to be lifted throughout the South West. Unlike the East, the west side of the country has been hit hard with rain throughout most of the growing and harvesting season. Crops are reported to be average on yield with variable quality. Internal rust, growth cracks and black dot are the main waste types reported.

UK Crop Report

A brief overview of potato crops throughout the UK.


70% of crop still to be lifted and crops are showing signs of stress caused from long wet spells.


50% of crop still to be lifted. Yield is good however crops have been effected by heavy rain fall and internal issues and growth cracks are highlighted issues.

Example of Internal Rust provided by AB Produce.

Example of Severe Growth Cracking provided by AB Produce.

West Midlands

Shropshire and Cheshire have 30% of crop still to be lifted. Rain has been persistent however growers have managed to lift between breaks in the weather. Quality is starting to decrease with signs of internal rust, pest damage and greens being reported.

Hereford have 40% of crop still to be lifted and experiencing difficulty with the heavy rainfall. Yields are average however crops have quality issues including scab, greens and internal rust.


Suffolk have 25% of crop still to be lifted. Recent rain has made harvesting difficult and quality is variable with internal rust and black dot appearing.

Norfolk have 40% of crop still to be lifted and dry conditions earlier in the season have effected crops. Although recent wet weather has delayed harvests growers are happy crops now have a significant supply of water.

A illustration of UK Potato Farm Regions.

A illustration of UK Potato Farm Regions.

Lincs have 50% of crop still to be lifted. Similar to Norfolk the recent wet weather was welcomed as dry conditions were holding harvests back due to bruising and clod damage. Yields are reported behind expectations and lacking in size. Quality is variable with some internal rust, pest and green damage reported.

Essex have 20% of crop to be lifted and has become difficult due to wet conditions. Quality and yield is reported to be average.

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