Out Standing in our Field

Salad Leaves at Canara Farm

Hi and welcome to the latest blog from our very special market garden, at Canara Farm, Mylor. Today Pete will be talking about a variety of lettuce grown for our local Gourmet Baby Leaf Salad mix.

Butterhead and Batavia Lettuce

” We have a dedicated field for the lettuce element of the gourmet baby leaf and we’ve got six varieties in this year. I like to grow at least two types of Batavia due to its nice frilly appearance and for being a very high yielding plant. We also have a green Butterhead lettuce called Hawking and this is one of my favourites for flavour. ”

Batavia Planting

” From seed the lettuce can take around three months to fully grow. They are quite slow growing until the end of May and a growth flush in June is a common sight for us here on the Farm. We can grow these all year round but they take longer to become ready for harvest in a poly tunnel. We choose to finish production at the end of the natural outdoor season to focus on Winter crops and starting preparation for the next season. ”

Pete in the Spinach and Chard Production

” The Gourmet Baby Leaf mix is just as much about presentation as it is about being a main salad item. All of our lettuce selections are specifically baby leaf varieties. There is a whole range of baby leaf plants we could grow but we choose the ones that are best suited for the finished products we want to make and how we want them to look in terms of colour, shapes and plating. ”

Helios Spinach

” We also have a Spinach and Chard production schedule and we are growing two types of baby leaf Spinach and two types of Chard. We have a long day summer Spinach called Helios and a darker coloured Spinach called Apollo. The Chard varieties growing include a lovely scarlet colour Bulls Blood Chard and a popular Red Chard. ”